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2015 Chinese Economy Faced Downward Pressure,CHEEGES Sales Increased Steadily

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Update time : 2016-04-14 15:29:25

In 2015, under the background of Chinese economy downward pressure continued to increaseChinese machinery manufacturing industry operation was relatively stable, the main business income increased slightly, total profit growth has improved.

CHEEGES main products are the rotary airlock valves and two-way diverter valvesThese products currently mainly used in food processing and manufacturing, COFCO Corporation and Yihai Kerry Corporation are stable buyers of our rotary airlock valves and two way valves. In 2015, the main business income of 17459 national-scale food processing and manufacturing enterprises reached 4.43387 trillion yuan, increased of 4.4%.

The top three sub-sectors were corn milling (1.34034 trillion yuan), feed processing (1.10528 trillion yuan), wine manufacturing (843.78 billion yuan); The main business revenue of alcohol and condiments manufacturing industry grew rapidly, the growth rate reached 27.0%, 18.1%. The cumulative annual total profit reached 290.87 billion yuan, increased of 5.3%, up 4.6 percentage points over the same period last year. Condiments and baked goods industry achieved the fastest growing, and the growth rate reached 30.4%, 18.1%.

In this context, CHEEGERS company's earnings are in good condition. In 2015,the main business revenue reached the growth of 18.2%, product sales achieved the " Ten years of continuous growth ".

By the impact of falling international grain prices, grain harvests year after year and end-market demand downturn, wheat, corn and other staple food prices dropped to the lowest point in recent years. The cost of raw materials fell make the profits of processing corporate improved. 

In 2016, CHEEGERS will seize this opportunity to achieve better sales through improving the design and quality of rotary airlock valves and diverter valves .And we will be one step closer to the goal of becoming one of the China's leading rotary airlock valves and two-way valves production companies.