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Foreign clients paid their visit to cheegers factory last week

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Update time : 2015-11-24 09:56:54

Ali and Mohsen only stayed in Chengdu for 3 days. During these days,we had fun in Panda base in Chengdu and paid visits to our two producing base. During their visit to Cheegers factory, we showed our production line to them. Mohsen said he want to see our stainless steel rotary valve, so we take them to our second producing base. It was almost 8 pm, we still were still texting our stainless steel rotary valve for Mohsen. And Mohsen thinks highly of our stainless steel rotary valve. After seeing our factory, they believe in our technology. They bought 22 sets of negative conveying rotary valve for their new production line.Beside, Mohsen even had a thought of being our agent in his country. Cheegers welcomes others to be our agents. Our rotary valves are the best quality among China.