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Rotary Feeders

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Update time : 2016-06-27 11:36:49

Rotary feeders are used for the pressure-less exfiltration, dosing or introduction of a wide variety of bulk and conveyed materials.


The delivery rate is determined by the volume and speed of the rotor cell.


Depending on bulk or conveyed materials, the rotary feeders are available in different designs and measurements.

The housing and the rotor of the Cheegers rotary feeders consist of a stable and completely welded steel construction.

The feed rotor is equipped with wear-proof rubber lips. This enables the airtight separation of the housing and rotor.


For very abrasive materials, the rotary feeders are available in a wear-resistant version or in stainless steel.

For the use of extremely adhesive materials, an optional coating of non-stick coating can be applied.