Negative Conveying Rotary Airlock Valve
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Stainless Steel Internal Polished Rotary Airlock Valve

1.Highly polished
2.Stainless steel valve
3.SKF bearing
4.Long working life

Introduction of Rotary Airlock Valve

     Rotary airlock valves are also called rotary feeders, rotary valves, or just rotary airlocks. Used in both pressure type and vacuum type pneumatic conveying systems, these valves serve as a "lock” to prevent air loss while simultaneously performing vital material handling functions. Though simple, the rotary airlock valve is a critical component to the efficiency of a conveying system.

Rotary airlock feeders have wide application in industry wherever dry free-flowing powders, granules, crystals, or pellets are handled. Typical materials include: cement, ore, sugar, minerals, grains, plastics, dust, fly ash, flour, gypsum, lime, coffee, cereals, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Rotary feeders are ideal for pollution control applications in wood, grain, food, textile, paper, tobacco, rubber, and paint industries, the Standard Series works beneath dust collectors and cyclone separators even with high temperatures and different pressure differentials.

Explosive Drawing